Making conferences part of the scientific record


BiosciAbstracts provides permanent, citable and free-to-read records of abstracts for biomedical and life science conferences.

Bioscientifica Proceedings provides open-access publication of full, peer-reviewed conference proceedings across the full sprectrum of bioscience and biomedical fields.

Both options allow you to preserve your conference on the academic record in a fully citable format, recognizing the contributions of your esteemed speakers and allowing their individual conference contributions to count towards their publication record.

What’s more, with all abstracts and proceedings made freely available and accessible in a larger database of biomedical conferences, your conference will be visible to a large audience, increasing its reach and influence.

Bioscientifica also offers a full abstract management service for conference organisers.

“Being able to directly link to abstracts, with a DOI link, is really useful to put on electronic CVs.” Dr Michelle Johnson, Society for Reproduction and Fertility